A proven approach to a complex market.

Our approach

We provide capital to committed management teams with scalable business models in large and fragmented markets, significantly amplifying their potential for growth at a critical moment in their evolution.

Why NewSpring.

When we invest, we bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, and resources to take growing companies to the next level and beyond.

This approach is the starting point for the way that we partner with our entrepreneurs and stakeholders—and how we support our management teams as they take their businesses to the next level.

Approach Why Newspring

The core of growth.

Our 20+ years of experience in the lower-middle market has given us a perspective and a core approach that remains the same across our diverse strategies. Our ThreeM philosophy informs how we invest across all our strategies and how we help companies reach their goals.


We begin by seeking out and evaluating passionate entreprenuers with proven management teams..


We look for scalable, capital-efficient business models that consistently deliver value to customers.


We focus on large and highly fragmented markets in industries that are large and growing.

Capital solutions.

We focus our investments into five distinct strategies: NewSpring Growth, NewSpring Healthcare, NewSpring Holdings, NewSpring Mezzanine, and NewSpring Franchise.

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How we amplify.

Our experiences as both investors and operators have helped us develop the knowledge and relationships needed for predictable growth. As board participants, we are able to step back and provide strategic support from a broader perspective.

Achieving great success

Our brand of partnership is geared toward helping companies grow and seize compelling opportunities.

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Unlocked doors

You’re on your way to something great. We provide access and identify opportunistic relationships through our network of leaders and influencers.

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Approach How Build

Beyond capital.