Triton Digital and eXelate Develop First Streaming Audio Data Management Platform

NewSpring Growth

LOS ANGELES - JANUARY 27, 2015 - Triton Digital, a leading technology provider for the audio industry, today announced an exclusive partnership with eXelate, the leading independent data platform, to deliver the first-ever streaming audio Data Management Platform (DMP). The new platform will enhance the ability of ad buyers to reach their desired audiences with targeted audio campaigns via mobile or desktop.

The new DMP will make streaming mobile and desktop audio impressions smarter with its ability to track and target audiences across any device or player. Triton will combine its ability to profile listeners (on any device without the need for cookies or unique device IDs) with eXelate’s cross-platform data cloud infrastructure and insights on consumers’ online purchase intent, household demographics, and behavioral propensities. The result will be ads that are targeted and optimized across channels and devices.

“Triton and eXelate are breaking totally new ground within the programmatic audio advertising industry with the launch of the first audio-focused DMP,” said Mark Zagorski, CEO, eXelate. “This partnership is crucial for ad buyers and marketers, as it will empower them to make smarter programmatic audio ad buys and execute cross-device and multi-channel campaigns that include mobile, audio, video, and display. eXelate’s ability to capture, manage, and activate billions of data points across all channels and devices will power a highly customized ad experience for Triton’s customers and advertisers.”

“Digital audio has become an important piece of the digital advertising mix, particularly as more and more consumer attention is captured in a mobile context. Until now audio has not been available as part of a multi-channel programmatic buy,” said Mike Agovino, COO, Triton Digital. “Beginning today, digital audio can garner a larger share of the market by attracting a piece of the larger multi-channel programmatic budget.”

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