2016 Sales & Marketing Executive Summit

NewSpring continually seeks to find opportunities to bring together our family of portfolio companies in educational and enjoyable ways. With many commonalities to share, our goal is to provide an environment for the exchange of ideas and best practices, as well as an opportunity to network.

NewSpring’s Sales & Marketing Summits provide informative content with a
chance to hear from incredibly accomplished and experienced sales and
marketing executives.

2016 Program Features

“The Challenger Sales Model”
Taking Control of the Customer Conversation: Practical Applications for the Middle Market
Nathan Blain, Group Leader at CEB Insights, shared CEB’s groundbreaking work on The Challenger Sales Model.

“Ensuring Coordination and Collaboration Amongst Sales and Marketing”
Moderators: Patti Boyle, Owner, Patti Boyle Consulting, Gary Fedor, President, Sandler Training

  • Michelle Accardi, CMO/COO of Star2Star (confirmed)
  • Chris Hunt, VP of Sales of X5 Solutions
  • Greg Baldassare, SVP of S&M Thermacore
  • Kevin Sly, SVP of Mktg and Commercial Strategy, Paragon Bio

“Data-Driven Management”
How to Leverage Data and KPIs to Drive Sales & Marketing