Listen to your customers

NewSpring Growth

This article was first published by Business Observer.

If you've ever found it challenging to pick a mobile phone plan, try your hand at being in customer service and helping a customer navigate through dozens of choices.

Now, Fort Myers-based speech analytics firm CallMiner has developed a product called Eureka Live that can help call center workers analyze customer speech in real time, track their own performance and guide them to perform more efficiently. “Eureka Live coaches that agent in real time based on what they're saying,” says Terry Leahy, CallMiner's CEO.

This sort of gee-whiz technology is possible because of the speed of computers today. “Computational firepower has gotten so good,” Leahy says.

CallMiner is a pioneer in the field. Founded 14 years ago in Fort Myers by Air Force veteran Jeff Gallino, who currently serves as chief technology officer, the company today analyzes 500,000 hours of recorded customer conversations each day for companies looking for clues to improve customer service.

CallMiner's technology is also attracting investors who are enthused by the company's prospects. Just last summer, NewSpring Capital invested $12 million in the company alongside current investors for a total of $16 million.