X5 Solutions Actively Evaluating Potential Add-on Opportunities

NewSpring Holdings

X5 Solutions, a communications company focused on providing a complete suite of telecommunications solutions, has enjoyed a successful first-year under the new ownership of NewSpring Holdings.  Having successfully completed the acquisitions of CornerStone Telephone Company and NovaTel Ltd., we have strategically expanded the company’s geographic operations, tripling the size of our organization. 

We now look to the next phase of X5s evolution and are pursuing M&A opportunities to continue to create high-value services we can deliver on top of the network.  We are currently in market and actively evaluating potential add-on opportunities with profiles we have defined as desirable to our business model and consistent with our strategy.  

Opportunities of interest can be classified in two ways: 1. Scale – companies with similar offerings to expand on X5’s current business model in different regions 2. Scope – companies, primarily within managed services, with offerings to diversify X5’s current business model 

We are open to all communications with regard to any opportunity that may be of interest.  Please contact Kara Donnelly at kdonnelly@newspringcapital.com.