GrowthCap’s Top 40 Under 40 Growth Investors of 2018

This article was first published by GrowthCap.

It is an honor to announce GrowthCap’s Top 40 Under 40 Growth Investors of 2018. We began our annual growth investor rankings in 2013 as a way to provide CEOs and LPs with better information on the market’s most accomplished and interesting investors. Our hope was that such information could help management teams at growth-stage businesses find the best possible capital partner, while also encouraging additional capital flows into the growth investing asset class.

Over the years the Top 40 Under 40 list has grown in both reach and participation. Now our fifth year publishing the list, we are again reminded of the quality and diversity of the growth investors backing today’s leading private businesses.

See the full list, featuring Lee Garber and Brian Kim, here.