These 14 investors have urgent tips for your first meeting

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For startups considering the venture-backed route, an infusion of capital can be a pivotal moment that helps fill up the office, raise up regional or international outposts or get a product across the finish line.

Really, venture capital is about having the resources to validate (or disprove) a business model.

But the road to the term sheet, as any startup can tell you, can be a challenging one. It can start with doing loads of research, polishing slide decks to exhaustion and persisting until that first make-or-break meeting is set up.

But what then? How can entrepreneurs leave that first meeting — whether it’s a full-on pitch or a chat over coffee — having raised real interest?

We spoke to more than a dozen Philly investors about how their ideal first meeting with an entrepreneur should go. Read up before you head into the pitch room.

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