NewSpring. New Ways. with 3Pillar Global on Leadership Advice

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David DeWolf isn’t afraid to surround himself with people that bring challenging new ideas and fresh perspectives to the table. In fact, he’ll tell you it’s been an integral part of the formula that’s kicked his business into high-growth mode. As the CEO and Founder of 3Pillar Global, a software development and consulting business and NewSpring portfolio company, he’s constantly looking for team members willing to push the boundaries of IT innovation.

So far, it’s worked. 3Pillar was recently named the “Outstanding Development Services Firm of the Year” and was ranked among the most agile software development service providers. Its incredible staff is also earning recognition, led by outstanding employees like CRO Heather Combs and VP Jessica Hall. DeWolf and Hall have even written a book about how adopting a “Product Mindset” will help businesses succeed in today’s digital economy.

At NewSpring, we’re proud to help companies like 3Pillar break barriers in pursuit of elevating their business, and we can’t wait to see what’s next for the company.

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