NewSpring. New Ways. CEO Spotlight featuring Northeast Ship Repair on bringing stakeholders together

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Ed Snyder leads a business where proficient project management and clear communication are critical. Northeast Ship Repair operates two of only five drydocks on the East and Gulf Coasts capable of servicing large vessels in excess of 750 feet in length, including government vessels on rigid schedules. When these vessels are scheduled for service, there is no room for schedule adjustments or repair delays. Ed has to get creative when it comes to dealing with stakeholders and leadership in order to keep communication clear and transparent. Instead of ignoring the gap that often emerges between union and nonunion leaders, Ed’s innovative take on this critical component of his business is to brings both groups to the same table to discuss strategy, timelines, and ultimately keep everyone involved in major decisions.

By bridging this divide, his Company has seen morale increase and operations become more efficient. Ed found a new way to help his businesses grow. Even after 20 years with the company, he is still on the lookout for innovative ideas that will help his business succeed, and we can’t wait to see what’s next.

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