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The Bottom Line: NewSpring Invests in Mangrove Management Partners

NewSpring, a family of private equity strategies, today announced that NewSpring Healthcare, the Firm’s dedicated healthcare strategy, has invested in Mangrove Management Partners (Mangrove) in partnership with co-investors Wells Fargo Strategic Capital (WFSC) and Dr. Robert Bessler, the founder and CEO of Sound Physicians.

Mangrove is a platform management company focused on optimizing the delivery of vascular care

Mangrove’s innovative practice management model brings together state-of-the-art technology, data analytics, and highly skilled personnel to support physicians and to help develop leading private surgical practices. In doing so, the company optimizes the delivery of vascular care in ways that provide access to these critical, life-saving services to vulnerable patient populations. Mangrove’s affiliated physician practices collaborate with health systems and hospitals in order to support local vascular services, particularly at community-based hospitals outside of major metropolitan areas.

The company works with all stakeholders across the healthcare landscape to optimize patient care

Mangrove’s strategic relationships extend to both hospitals and physician practices in order to benefit all stakeholders in the healthcare system and fundamentally change the quality, safety, and experience of care. By aligning long-term interests, the company aims to improve patient outcomes, patient experiences, and the quality of life of physicians while lowering the costs of care for payers.

Mangrove will use the proceeds to fuel the company’s expansion throughout the Northeast

As the rapidly growing epidemic of peripheral artery disease continues to drive demand for high-quality vascular care, Mangrove will seek to extend the reach of its platform to help meet this growing need.

“Mangrove partners with leading physicians to change the paradigm of the delivery of vascular care with the aim of improving clinical outcomes and patient experiences at a lower cost of care. With a rapidly changing healthcare environment and a growing epidemic of vascular disease, we align interests among physicians and all stakeholders with the best interests of patients as our guiding principle. With our new investment partners, we are eager to continue to drive innovation and to expand our reach.”
— Mark Rowe, CEO of Mangrove

The company is led by an innovative management team dedicated to expanding the business

Led by CEO Mark Rowe, Mangrove’s management team is comprised of healthcare, technology, and business leaders focused on meeting emerging physician and patient needs.

“Mangrove has redesigned innovative pathways to optimize patient care, cost, and access with respect to critical vascular procedures. This constructive dislocation of the current system seeks to bend the cost curve with new business models in traditional segments of healthcare, a key tenet to NewSpring Healthcare’s investment thesis. The model also seeks to create a more clinically exciting and dynamic workplace for vascular surgeons as office-based labs continue to be a preferred site for selected procedures.”
— Brian G. Murphy, NewSpring General Partner

As part of the transaction, Brian Murphy will join the Mangrove Board of Managers.

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