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The Bottom Line: NewSpring’s Investment in Spirit Pharmaceuticals

NewSpring, a family of private equity strategies, announced today that NewSpring Mezzanine, the Firm’s dedicated mezzanine strategy, has invested in Spirit Pharmaceuticals LLC, partnering with Tecum Capital, Leedon Park Capital, and PNC Bank on the deal.

Spirit Pharmaceuticals innovates, develops, packages, and distributes private-label, over-the-counter pharmaceutical products

Spirit Pharmaceuticals is a turnkey private label solution provider for large, big-box retailers, medical distributors, insurance companies, group purchasing organizations, and ecommerce businesses. The Company develops and packages a wide range of pharmaceutical products including analgesics, cold and cough remedies, allergy medication, digestive medicines, and more. Based in Long Island, New York, Spirit Pharmaceuticals has expanded into two additional facilities that support 11 production lines.

The Company’s close relationships with large, big-box retailers provide ample room for continued growth

Spirit Pharmaceuticals has long-standing supplier relationships with household name big-box retailers that ensure stable pricing and the delivery of high-quality pharmaceutical products. The Company has seen strong growth in recent years as it transitioned from a supplier of bulk finished pharmaceutical products to a leading turnkey private label solution provider for large, big-box retailers, medical distributors, insurance companies, group purchasing organizations, and ecommerce businesses. Spirit Pharmaceuticals is uniquely positioned through its diversified supply chain and history of innovation to continue its growth trajectory.

“For nearly 20 years Spirit Pharmaceuticals has adapted to market changes and evolved into a leading provider of private-label, over-the-counter pharmaceutical products. As our relationships with retailers continue to grow and consumer demand for generic medicines increases, we’re very excited about our Company’s future.”
— Ajoy Joshi, Spirit Pharmaceuticals CEO

Growing consumer preference for over-the-counter products is fueling demand for the Company’s services

Consumers are increasingly choosing private-label, over-the-counter pharmaceutical products over name brands. The percent of private-label, over-the-counter sales in the U.S. has increased to 31% in 2018 from 26% in 2009. One study found that 81% of North American consumers now prefer private label products due to the lower cost. This trend is expected to accelerate coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic as consumers make more value-oriented purchases.

Spirit Pharmaceuticals is led by a robust leadership team with a heavy focus on customer relationships and product innovation

Spirit Pharmaceuticals CEO and Founder Ajoy Joshi has a long history in the industry and has reinvented the business as market dynamics have changed over the years. The team’s dedication to innovation is a large part of what has made the Company successful and this commitment is alive and well at the business today. With committed institutional backing, Spirit Pharmaceuticals is primed for future growth and innovation in an expanding marketplace.

“At NewSpring, we’re always looking to partner with high-performing, innovative management teams that are able to capitalize on new industry tailwinds. Having close partnerships with its customers and a growing desire among consumers for private-label, over-the-counter pharmaceutical products, Spirit Pharmaceuticals is poised for continued growth.”
— Anne Vazquez, NewSpring General Partner.

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