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The Bottom Line: NewSpring Invests in Airiam

NewSpring, a family of private equity strategies, today announced that NewSpring Mezzanine, the Firm’s dedicated mezzanine strategy, has invested debt and equity to support the merger of MePush and Indigo Beam to form Airiam.

Airiam combines the expertise and regional footprints of two leading managed services providers

Airiam was formed through the merger of MePush and Indigo Beam, two regional managed services and IT consulting providers. The new company will combine the expertise, relationships, and market share of both organizations with an emphasis on providing a wide range of cybersecurity support, consulting and professional services, and managed IT services for small-to-midsize businesses and local municipalities. Headquartered in Lewisburg, PA, Airiam’s team of 80+ employees will focus on expanding the company’s geographic reach in new areas with constant focus on customer execution.

Work-from-home environment has vastly increased the demand for IT security services

Demand for managed cybersecurity services has grown consistently over the last several years and has recently exploded as workforces have gone remote, making companies more susceptible to ransomware and other cybersecurity attacks. As this large, addressable market continues to grow, Airiam is well-positioned to grow its market share as managed security services become increasingly necessary for small-to-midsize businesses and grow ever more common at larger enterprises across the U.S.

“As workforces decentralize and the threat of cyberattacks grow at companies of all sizes, the need for managed security services that can offer these organizations protection and put business owners’ minds at ease will continue to grow. We’re thrilled to bring together these two innovative, customer-service focused organizations. Together with our new partner in NewSpring, we’re excited to continue to push into new markets and launch new capabilities that best serve our clients’ evolving needs.”
— Ohad Jehassi, Airiam CEO

Airiam’s M&A strategy will accelerate the company’s growth

Airiam operates in a highly-fragmented market with thousands of smaller players across the U.S. With a strong acquisition pipeline driven by its management team’s deep relationships in the industry, the company intends to pursue an M&A roll-up strategy that will rapidly expand Airiam’s market share, service offerings, and geographic footprint as demand for its services continues to grow. Airiam will funnel its M&A activities through Airiam Ventures.

Airiam is led by a deep team of industry experts

The executive teams of both MePush and Indigo Beam that have been instrumental in each company’s success thus far will be joining Airiam in various leadership roles. Ohad Jehassi will be leading the company as CEO, with Elliot Luchansky serving as President and Executive Director.

“The need for managed security services has never been greater as companies operate across multiple locations and cybercriminals become more sophisticated in their attacks. By combining MePush and Indigo Beam, Airiam will be able to help a wider range of organizations navigate the modern business landscape. We’re excited to work with these innovative leaders as we take Airiam to new levels of growth.”
— Anne Vazquez, General Partner of NewSpring

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