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The Bottom Line: NewSpring Invests in Radius

NewSpring, a family of private equity strategies, announced today that NewSpring Mezzanine, the Firm’s dedicated mezzanine strategy, has partnered with Star Mountain Capital to invest subordinated debt and preferred equity to support the recapitalization of Radius, a former NewSpring Mezzanine portfolio company.

Radius is a custom market research firm providing data and insights that help brands grow

Radius is a custom research firm specializing in data and market research that enable brands to make more informed product development, advertising, and other strategic business decisions. The company has heavily invested in innovating its operations and building out a full suite of solutions to ensure the timely delivery of critical information and insights. NewSpring has a long history with the company and management team. Radius was a portfolio company of predecessor fund, which was successfully exited before this reinvestment.

Radius operates in a growing, highly-fragmented market

Due to shorter product lifecycles, increased product innovation, and evolving consumer purchase behavior, the market research industry is expected to expand significantly over the next several years. Radius has a proven ability to differentiate itself in the market by providing comprehensive, custom solutions with a highly consultative approach.

“Today’s hyper-competitive consumer marketplace requires fast, nimble, and insightful market research that can be leveraged to develop new products and services that keep brands relevant. As product lifecycles continue to shorten and consumer behaviors shift, we’re focused on delivering our customers the best information and analysis possible to help their business grow. We’re thrilled about our partnership with NewSpring as we work toward refining our offering and bring important market research to more businesses in need.”
— Radius CEO, Chip Lister

Radius has a growing list of longstanding client relationships with Fortune 1000 companies in a wide range of industries

Radius’ high-quality research, data, and market analysis has helped the company build longstanding relationships with an extensive list of Fortune 1000 customers across a wide range of end markets. These close relationships have led to many repeat purchases, as over 200 of Radius’ customers contract with the company more than four times every year.

Radius is led by an innovative management team focused on growth

Radius CEO Chip Lister and the rest of the company’s management team have decades of experience in market research and deep industry connections that will help the company continue to grow.

“Throughout our years working with Chip, he has done an amazing job elevating Radius by innovating the company’s offering to respond to new industry needs. Quality information and analysis will continue to define the winners in today’s competitive landscape across any industry, and Radius will be there to provide brands with the data they need to stay relevant and thrive. We’re excited about this next chapter and look forward to seeing this business continue to grow.”
— NewSpring General Partner, Steve Hobman

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