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The Bottom Line: NewSpring Invests in TruFit Athletic Clubs

NewSpring ("the Firm"), a family of private equity strategies, announced today that NewSpring Mezzanine, the Firm’s dedicated private credit strategy, has invested subordinated debt and equity in TruFit Athletic Clubs (TruFit).

TruFit is a low-cost, high-value gym network

TruFit is a low-cost, high-value gym network with 36 current locations across Texas and approximately 224,000 members across all locations. Since its founding in 2007, TruFit has focused on the Texas market and is now expanding into the greater Nashville area with plans to open four new clubs in this community. The gym offers three membership options at highly competitive price points and includes access to fitness classes and amenities like yoga, cycling, kickboxing, turf fields, recovery facilities, and on-site childcare.

TruFit is experiencing fast membership growth

As health and fitness continues to be a top priority for consumers across the U.S., TruFit is rapidly expanding its membership base as its promotion strategy is driving a high conversion rate to monthly members. As of March 2023, the gym network had 224,104 total active members and 6,057 members per location, up from 183,112 total members and 5,086 members per location in March of 2022.

“Our members come to us for a truly unique health and wellness experience and access to the highest quality fitness equipment and instruction available in the Texas and Nashville markets. We’re thrilled to work with NewSpring as we continue investing in our future in ways that further elevate the holistic health and fitness services we provide our members. As health and wellness continues to grow as a staple of the American lifestyle, we’re excited to bring convenient access to life-changing fitness facilities to more people in need.”
— TruFit CEO, Steve Diniaco

TruFit operates in a large, fragmented market

American consumers continue to demonstrate a willingness to invest in their personal health and wellbeing. This is no different in Texas and Nashville where the fragmented gym market in smaller non-metro areas provide ample opportunity for TruFit to grow through organic member acquisition as well as M&A.

TruFit has demonstrated a strong track record of growth since its founding

TruFit’s management team has significant operating and industry experience in the health and fitness market. This group is intensely focused on improving company culture and customer experience, all while expanding the business’ customer count and physical footprint over the next several years.

“TruFit has demonstrated a solid track record of growth since its founding thanks to its dedication to delivering exceptional fitness experiences to its members. This commitment remains strong as the business continues to listen to customer feedback and invest in its facilities. Through a data-driven approach to analyzing potential new markets, the company has wisely identified its next geographic area for expansion, and we’re excited to help this business reach new levels of growth in Nashville and beyond.”
— NewSpring Mezzanine General Partner, Anne Vazquez

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