Chris Czyzewski

VP, Portfolio Company Operations

NewSpring Mezzanine / Investment Team / Value Creation

Chris Czyzewski is Vice President of Portfolio Company Operations at NewSpring dedicated to the firm’s mezzanine strategy. Chris has 17 years of experience in manufacturing and supply chain operations in both technical and leadership roles.

Formerly, Chris was an independent consultant working with NewSpring on the Aero Components LLC portfolio company focusing on improvements to enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to drive revenue, margin and cashflow improvements, and serving as a strategic advisor to the management team.

Prior to that, Chris worked in a variety of roles at Lockheed Martin, including as a program manager for an international satellite communications new product introduction and as General Manager for the Sikorsky Commercial Helicopter plant in Coatesville.

Chris holds a BS in Finance and an MS in Manufacturing Systems Engineering from Lehigh University.