Why Philadelphia’s hard-working mentality is key to its business innovation success

This article was first published by the Philadelphia Business Journal.

Philadelphia has long been perceived as a gritty, hard-working city. But for some reason, when it comes to business innovation and growth, our great city doesn’t always get the praise it deserves.

In fact, Philadelphia has become a business innovation hot bed in its own right — and I think it’s because of the hard work our citizens put in to making it happen. The University City Science Center, for which I currently serve as chair, recently launched a new accelerator program that will provide local tech-enabled startups with resources and solutions to help them grow. It took a lot of time and resources to make this come to fruition. We’re also fortunate to have more than 20 four-year colleges and countless additional education centers that are dedicated to producing a new generation of innovative thinkers. It’s initiatives and institutions like these that drive innovation in Philadelphia and prove our dedication to taking action.