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The Bottom Line: NewSpring’s Investment in Skillshare

NewSpring, a family of private equity strategies, announced today that NewSpring Growth, the Firm’s dedicated growth and expansion strategy, has invested in Skillshare.

Skillshare is an online learning community where millions come together to take the next step on their creative journey

Skillshare is an online creative learning platform with an industry-leading catalog of 30,000 classes, supported by a community of more than 12 million registered members and nearly 8,000 teachers. The Company offers pre-recorded classes, workshops, live sessions, and collaboration tools that enable its members to harness their passions and learn creative skills across illustration, graphic design, fine art, photography, marketing, animation, film and video, freelance, and much more. 

COVID-19 is further accelerating the online learning market’s fast growth

Over the last several years, the global e-learning and development market has grown into a $375 billion market. With in-person learning largely shut down during the pandemic and people spending more time at home, online creative learning has exploded as a form of entertainment and personal development. As an early leader in this business, Skillshare has ample room to grow as it continues to add content to its platform and extend its reach to more subscribers in the U.S. and abroad. 

“Skillshare has built a highly-scalable content creation model that draws in teachers and content creators to support the company’s growth as more individuals turn to online learning for professional and creative development. With its growing presence internationally and in the enterprise space, the company has strategically targeted largely untapped markets for growth and is well-positioned to capture a meaningful share in these areas. We’re thrilled to see where this business goes as more people around the world continue to pursue their creative passions.”
— Marc Lederman, NewSpring General Partner

Skillshare will use proceeds to expand internationally and deepen U.S. presence

In response to a surge in international demand, the proceeds of this transaction will primarily be used to create a localized experience for international students, while continuing to expand domestically and grow Skillshare's enterprise offering. The funds will also create more opportunities for Skillshare's teachers. Skillshare will invest in tools that increase engagement between students and teachers, expand teachers' audiences through dedicated marketing efforts, and create new formats for teachers to earn revenue.

Skillshare is led by a highly motivated management team dedicated to continue growing the business

Skillshare CEO Matt Cooper has extensive experience leading technology companies and has grown the company's revenue by 10x since joining in 2016.

“It is estimated that nearly 4 billion people across the globe have a creative profession or passion. At Skillshare, we’re working to make sure all of those people have access to training and support that enables them to harness that creative energy and put it into real-life practice. With our new partners at NewSpring, we’re thrilled to continue growing our business by bringing creative learning to the world.”
— Matt Cooper, Skillshare CEO

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